Early-on, we saw that clients needed translations
in more varied and unusual formats. So, we’re leveraging technology to make it easier and faster to get
what you want, what you need.


Our translation portal is a web-based integrated system for order management, project management and translations. This makes it easier for our clients and vendors to manage and order translations while providing them a transparent view to monitor the process, collaborating as desired.

TransGlobal’s platform is available 24/7, which allows clients, project managers, translators and reviewers to access it from anywhere in the world, at any time, through a standard web browser and it’ll support any file format.

While most translation companies focus on additional formatting charges that increase project costs and delivery schedules, our proven technologies allow more flexibility and cost savings. Our Translation Portal is designed to accept all file types–such as .txt, .docx, .xls, xliff, .pdf, .ppt, .xml, .csv, and .indd). These complex files are then reduced to text for the translators—allowing the translators to do what they do best, translate. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need for extensive formatting after the document is translated.

We offer our clients access to our translation technology. Managing multilingual content for a global brand is much easier through our Translation Portal. Our web-based translation management system gives you the flexibility and control you need to create and manage even the most complex projects. Simply put, this technology keeps in memory (Translation Memory) translated terms and “strings” of text and repetitive text is stored for future translations, which yields a cost savings. The more that is translated, the greater the savings.

Our time tested technology tools are ISO 639-2 certified, so you know they’ve passed rigorous vetting. Our commitment to quality enables us to produce better translations, each and every time. Our transparent approach to Translation Memory means visibility to our clients and more cost-effective translations as volumes continue to grow. At TransGlobal, we not only create a Translation Memory for our clients—we also pass those savings to our clients. Additionally, we allow access to our Translation Portal so that our clients can see the progress of their translation project every step of the way. Our goals extend beyond one time profits and are rooted in building long-term relationships. That’s why transparency is the basis for our translation approach.

Although our Translation Portal is supported by technology, technology doesn’t replace the human factor. Our Directors, Project Managers and linguists are hands-on in the production stage. As native speakers and professional translators, they provide quality control throughout and manage multiple translators when the project deadline is tight and the project needs to be divided amongst several translators. Unlike other companies that utilize automated and unmanned portals, our Translation Portal is managed by professionals who are passionate about their work.

With full transparency across workflows and access to real-time overviews, our Translation Portal gives you a bird’s-eye view of your projects. By combining effective vendor management and centralized translation assets, you have a complete solution – which gives you the power to control all your translation projects and reduce your translation costs.