Over the Phone Interpretation

Over The Phone Interpretation (OPI)

High-quality telephonic & video interpretation solutions, anytime, anywhere, on any device

TransGlobal uses the next generation technology platform to deliver the most versatile OPI services available on the market today. With our revolutionary OPI system, you can communicate instantly with your non-English or limited English speaking customers–on your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or even via traditional land lines. AT Transglobal we’ve taken OPI to the next level and we are helping our clients address language barrier problems and improve overall customer satisfaction connecting to professional linguists in over 200 languages.

Our OPI system delivers high-quality telephonic interpretation services anywhere, anytime and on any device, whether that be via Apple or Android, Smartphones, iPads/Tablets, laptops, desktop computers and over traditional phone land lines. Landline support with dial prefixes allow you to dial into your specific language or service type without the need to connect by pc/laptop or smart device and we can easily integrate our next-gen telephonic services with your legacy phone systems. Connection times are as rapid as 15 seconds and never more than 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It’s so easy to get started. You’ll be connected to a qualified interpreter in less than 30 seconds, wherever you are and whenever you need it! We also offer the option for scheduled calls, connecting you with your interpreter on a prescheduled day and time.

  • On-Demand VRI/OPI
  • Scheduled appointments
  • 24/7 Support
  • Security
  • Customizable


You can access audio interpretation on any device, instantly!

From your phone, tablet or any browser. Fast and easy access to an interpreter at any time.

Heathcare for All

The complete solution for increasing language access and reducing interpretation costs by combining Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Over the phone Interpretation (OPI) and On-Site Scheduled Interpretation

Connects Limited English Proficiency Patients with interpreters quickly and securely. Increases high quality patient experience, all supported languages available on-demand. Save on costs by shortening interpretation times with more effective communication, eliminate travel costs. Reduces the risk of late or missed appointments by interpreters, eliminating physical exposure of interpreters to patients in sensitive medical environments.

All of our OPI and VRI technologies are Security & Regulatory Compliant.

All our technologies(CAT, project management and real time interpretation applications) conforms to all government regulatory and security requirements, including HIPAA and ADA.