Successful document translation is at the heart of our business.

At TransGlobal, our professional translators go beyond mere word-for-word translation–they integrate both context and content.

Our pool of over 5,000 vetted translators are talented linguists handpicked for their combination of foreign language skills and knowledge of a particular sector. That means our clients benefit from superb work that has all the detail and integrity you’d expect from someone who’s familiar with your industry. From electronics and life sciences to legal, IT and defense, we’re capable of working effectively in every sector, at any level.

TransGlobal was established with our clients in mind. Our goal was to make translation services as simple and flexible as possible for our clients. Our mission is to deliver high quality translations on time and to streamline the translation process. That’s why we use the best of breed when it comes to translation technology, with the ability to accept files in.

For our clients, flexibility is key. So, we’re able to produce work in any format, including HTML, PowerPoint, XML, Flash and InDesign. We’ll also offer expert advice on formats when we know from experience that using a particular one will help to speed up the job or reduce its overall cost.

Translation Memory

Technology. Let’s use it to get it done better and faster.

Our time tested technology tools and commitment to quality enables TransGlobal to produce better translations, each and every time. Our transparent approach to Translation Memory means visibility to our clients and more cost-effective translations as volumes continue to grow.

Our Translation Portal was created with ease in mind—files are quickly uploaded, regardless of file format.  Our Translation Portal offers on demand translation solutions, with instant quotes, and a team of professional Project Managers and linguists at your service, 24/7.


Linguistic Adaptation… it’s an art and we’ve perfected it.

We all know that the Spanish spoken in Mexico is not the same as the Spanish in Madrid or Quito or San Juan. Context is everything. One locale’s version of a language can be very different from another locale and localization ensures that the translations of your website, brochures, voice-overs or other media reflect the appropriate dialect. From grammar to syntax and vocabulary, each region has its particularities.

Our native speaking translators know how to navigate these difference. Their expertise is critical in reaching audiences where the language is formally the same, but there’s still differences due to locale. We’ve had decades of experience in localizing websites, videos, and documents and it’s an art we’ve perfected.


Carefully vetted, our interpreters go from ni hao to arrivederci in over 250 languages.

We offer a full range of interpretation services in over 250+ languages. Our interpreters are carefully vetted and have a minimum of three years of experience, with official certifications. Our interpreters are experts in the comprehension of source and target languages in addition to possessing an understanding of the culture from which languages originate. Interpreters then convey this understanding through oral communication.

Whether you need several Interpreters for a high profile trade mission or multilingual conference–or just one interpreter for a meeting, educational workshop or seminar–our experienced staff is ready to help. We have certified simultaneous and conference interpreters in any language pairs, as well as consecutive interpreters to provide assistance at smaller group meetings or seminars.

Consecutive Interpreters

From start to finish, we listen and take notes so we’ll never miss a proverbial beat.

During consecutive interpreting, the interpreter must wait for the speaker to finish a sentence or segments and then translates the speaker’s words into the target language. The more formal the setting, the longer the segments will be. Thus, a key skill involved in consecutive interpreting is note-taking, since few people can memorize a full paragraph once heard without loss of detail.

Our native speaking translators know how to navigate these difference. Their expertise is critical in reaching audiences where the language is formally the same, but there’s still differences due to locale. We’ve had decades of experience in localizing websites, videos, and documents and it’s an art we’ve perfected.

Simultaneous and/or Conference Interpreters

This is real time – meaning there’s no room for error. Punto.

Simultaneous interpreters are used for large conferences or meetings and/or environments where two or more languages are required. Conference interpreters are those who have reached the highest level of interpreting skills. The demands on simultaneous/conference interpreters are much greater than consecutive interpreters as they are verbally translating from one language to another in real time. This is achieved by pairing highly skilled interpreters with specialized equipment necessary for them to perform with accuracy.

Simultaneous/Conference Interpreters sit in an isolated booth, listen to the speaker through a headset, and speak the translation into a microphone, which is wirelessly transmitted to headsets worn by audience members. Simultaneous/conference interpretation service requires exceptionally trained interpreters and specialized equipment, which can all be provided by TransGlobal.

Over The Phone Interpretation (OPI)

High-quality telephonic & video interpretation, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

TransGlobal uses the next generation technology to deliver OPI services. With our revolutionary system, you can communicate instantly with your non-English or limited English speaking customers–on your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or land line. We’ve taken OPI to the next level to help our clients improve customer satisfaction by overcoming language barriers.

Our OPI system delivers high-quality telephonic and video interpretation services anywhere, anytime, on any device at any level of technology capability, whether that be via Apple, Android, Smartphones, iPads/Tablets, laptops, desktop computers or old fashioned land lines.

Landline support with dial prefixes that allow you to dial into a specific language or service type without the need for pc/laptop or smart device is also available. We can easily integrate our next-gen services into legacy phone systems. Connect times are as rapid as 15 seconds and no more than 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It’s so easy to get started. We assign our clients a special code and provide them with their own dial-in number. Your staff simply calls our OPI line, enters the client code and selects the language from our menu or choose to connect with an operator to further assist you. You’ll be connected to a qualified interpreter in less than 30 seconds, wherever you are and whenever you need it! We also offer scheduled calls, connecting you with the appropriate interpreter within moments.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Face-to-face interpretation, even with five thousand miles between us? Easy.

VRI is the perfect solution when face-to-face interpretation is needed but is not possible. VRI is used over phone interpretation when cultural nuances and paralinguistic cues are important factors in providing perfect translation. Our next generation system enables us to use the internet for a quick and accurate alternative to on-site interpretation. Our VRI solution works on computers, laptops and tablets.

American Sign Language

More than words, this is all about communicating with everything you’ve got.

With American Sign Language (ASL), the brain processes linguistic information through the eyes. The shape, placement, and movement of the hands, as well as facial expressions and body movements, all play important parts in communicating via ASL. TransGlobal’s ASL interpreters are experienced in both Oral and Tactile interpreting. They are certified and ADA compliant. We offer ASL interpreting through our Video Remote Interpreting services so that ASL can be used in areas that may not have access to a professional ASL interpreter.